Thursday, September 22, 2011

Campaign Analysis 1 Dove

The public relations situation that faced the Dove personal care company was a tremendous decline in sales due to a heavily over crowded market.  Dove was one of a multitude of companies featuring cookie cutter type models to help sell personal beauty care products. The company was attempting to find a niche in the market and looked to its parent companies public relations staff to devise a campaign to redefine the personal care industry forever. This was the first time the Dove company has dealt with a situation like this. Dove had to figure out a way to replace conventional methods of advertising using these stereotypical models. Because there was dispute among the public in portraying these women as users of their products might have prevented some women from using Dove over other brands and would prevent the company from solidifying itself in the market.
The “Dove campaign for real beauty” was formulated to establish itself in the crowded market utilizing a teleological ethical style approach. This results driven approach is based on the notion that good actions produce good results. In making their company sand out from other products in a very positive manner could provide more financial support for the company.  An opportunity arose from the campaign to help solidify itself in the market as a staple of the beauty care industries.
Together the collaboration between Dove and the parent company’s public relations staff resulted in one of the most successful campaigns in recent history. The opportunity Dove had dreamed of was to change how people view their bodies and renovate beauty care for themselves and the products we sell will continue to help you stay beautiful. The focus on how the public views “themselves” was what made this campaign successful.  The success is credited to the focus on the individual feeling good about themselves rather than whishing to be the cookie cutter serotypes. This resulted in the product is viewed as well as the focus on how the products make women feel more beautiful regardless of their age, shape, or size. This public relations campaign with such a revolutionary approach style would end up bolstering a 600% increase for products featured in the ads over the first two months of the campaign according to Dove sales.By redesigning the way we view beauty, they could then tailor a message specifically to target those women who have been converted toward the Dove way of thinking. Once the Dove mode of thinking has been installed into the culture, the company could then expand on this idea by giving the public the details needed to actually believe that we as individuals are beautiful regardless of their outward appearance which would end up selling more Dove product’s than ever before.
. In addition to changing the way women view their bodies; this campaign did a very good job of changing the beauty market, as we know it forever and will remain a staple of the industry. It is also very clear that Dove will remain a major contender in the personal care product as long as they continue with this revolutionary approach to campaigning. Prior to this campaign Dove was standing next to rows of personal car products on a shelf with the dream of being the one product to stand above the rest. With the completion of this public relations campaign I believe the situation has been resolved and the organization found a way to formulate a positive affect with a mutual benefit for all parties involved.

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