Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chegg for Good

Chegg is a social education platform that is rapidly changing the way students across the United States by connecting them to the resources needed to succeed in college. The number of campuses connected through Chegg nationwide is more than 7,000. Everyday students use Chegg for homework assistance, course selection, and textbook rentals. This company was established as solely an online textbook renting website in 2007. Since then the company has been enhancing education for millions of students nationwide and has established a positive reputation for its philanthropic efforts. The Chegg for good campaign mission statement really puts the campaign into perspective. “The mission is to help students save time, save money, and get smarter.” Target audiences for this campaign would have to be students attempting to obtain degrees from higher-level education institutes. Age groups in this target audience would range from 18-25. Key publics would include the customers and students who use Chegg each and every semester. The Chegg for good campaign is intended to help students out but they also believe that together we can be a powerful catalyst for change. Since 2008 Chegg has been planting trees on behalf of customers and due to its partnership with the American Forest Global Releaf Foundation over 5 million trees have been planted. This organization has a great reputation, people know of the organization, and there are no opponents who feel negatively toward the Chegg for good campaign.  Simply put, it’s about us doing good. I really liked this approach in the campaign because it tries to unify the target audience’s with the campaign making them feel as if they contributed toward the world becoming a better place.  When I think of 5 million trees, that’s a lot of trees. The campaign also utilizes that number very well by displaying it clearly along the bottom of the website. The first objective that came to my mind for this campaign would be capturing the attention of this particular age group and being able to connect with them. From a business standpoint the typical college age student is a very hard person to stay connected with. I think this is why Chegg will remain a game changer in the education and in the environment to show students this company cares about them, and cares about the world we live in.  Results for this campaign are obviously tremendous. According to an article I found on, this once textbook renting website is projected to be one of tomorrow’s tech titans.
This company plays both sides of media relations and is based on the notion that good actions will produce good results for everyone. The subtle objective of this company is to retain a connection with every college student in attempt to control the market. They utilize every possible medium to communicate messages of good surrounding the Chegg name. They also enable anyone to post ideas and solutions for the Chegg for good campaign. This is a great way to entice students to be active and participate with the organization. This idea will help generate more attention toward the campaign and is the most effective way to engage the media. Everything regarding the website or the campaign can be found online including fact sheets, recent news releases, and everything Chegg is doing to manage its positive reputation. Judging by the amount of good being done by Chegg I have become their most recent supporter. The future for this company is very bright, and with the company’s most recent acquisition of Zinch. This high school to college profile and resume’ website will help link students to perspective institutes searching for particular types of students. This will obtain students for the organization directly out of high school and will enable them to continue the relationship throughout the students college careers. CNBC Video on Chegg

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